Banker Training Program

For Business Banking and Commercial Lending BDO’s

Where BDO’s Become Rainmakers

What would it mean for your department if all of your BDO’s were truly rainmakers?  Our banker training program was developed exclusively for business banking BDO’s.

It is designed to give BDO’s a framework and step by step action plan for rapidly developing and closing high quality leads.  The RainMAKING Boot Camp is a one-day intensive training event that moves your team through strategy, skills training, one on one role playing, and the creation of a personal 90 day jump start plan for increasing closings.

Banker Training Program
Training for Bankers and Business Development Officers

Training By Bankers for Bankers

Our founding partners were regional division leaders at major banks.  With hundreds of employees under their management, they experienced the immense challenge of continuously recruiting and training successful BDO’s.  They found that without a clear, step by step system and action plan, their team’s performance was haphazard at best.  A few star performers in each commercial lending group were balanced by other BDO’s who had too few quality leads.

But when they implemented a team wide, easy to follow, step by step system for lead generation, performance turned around.  BDO’s rapidly began building immense networks, quality leads began to flow, and closings jumped drastically.  The RainMAKING Boot Camp is a one-day immersion into this system for your entire team.


Comprehensive Banker Training Program



Skills Training.

Role playing.

One on one coaching.

Step by step action plan.


Transform Your Team in One Day

Strategic Approach to Lead Gen

Our banker training program uses Centers of Influence (COIs) as a core sales and marketing strategy.  Your team of BDO’s faces two challenges: how to develop adequate lead flow AND how to ensure that they are cultivating high quality leads.  Our COI First strategy addresses both of these.

The training agenda walks through the strategic philosophy of how to build and leverage an extensive COI network.  It then moves into concrete skills training, moving step by step from prospecting, to introductory conversations, to relationship building, and finally to referral generation.

Commercial banker training for BDOs
Bank training through role playing

Real Life Practice

From years of delivering banker trainings, we have found that the #1 factor for increasing students’ retention is practice.  It’s one thing to learn the philosophy of how to place a great initial phone call, but it is completely different to make calls live, in the classroom, with your instructor listening in.

Interactive role playing and live outbound call practice have become pillars in our training program.  Instructors are able to provide immediate feedback based on each student’s performance.  We identify, correct, and retrain skills in real time on an individual basis to ensure that every one of your team members is ready to hit the ground running the very next day.


Extensive Tools

Ongoing success requires the right tools.  Our interactive banker training gets your team started on the right path, and our BDO Toolbox helps them continue step by step along that path.

All attendees walk away with word for word scripts for recruiting and developing new COIs, speaking with referrals, and strengthening relationships throughout their network.  Each team member also receives social media marketing tools (including proven LinkedIn messages for building their referral network), at a glance reference tools, a personalized 90 Day Jump Start Plan, and more.

Bank Business Development Officer Training

Need More Details?

See Whether This Program Is Right For Your Team

Team training is not a decision to take lightly.

We won’t schedule a training until we have had a chance to discuss your team’s current structure, production levels, and business development strategy.  We are dedicated to making sure that we are the right fit and will be able to have a transformative impact on every commercial lending group that work with.

So if what you have read so far seems like this program might be right for your team, then use the form to the right to get in touch.  One of our trainers will reach out to discuss your situation, answer any questions you might have, and see if we would be a good fit for working together.