Is a Franchise Right for You?

From an entry standpoint, a franchise is one of the easiest ways to open a small business.  The products, business model, and aesthetics are already established by the parent corporation the heavy lifting that comes with establishing a business identity is skipped.... read more

Branding for Brokers: How to Set Yourself Apart

Branding can seem like a foreign concept, but it is an important part of how a broker markets their services. How people view a broker can make, or break, their business. People often base their decisions on appearance, focusing on whether or not a company looks professional and trustworthy.  This makes it critical for commercial loan brokers to make sure they are always putting their best foot forward.

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Newsletter for Commercial Loan Brokers

Newsletters are one of the modern world’s most common forms of communication, but they are often the most forgotten. Many end up deleted before they’re even opened. However, if executed properly a newsletter can become an invaluable source of connectivity between commercial loan brokers and their clients.

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Branding for Commercial Lending

Branding is essential for a broker’s appearance to their clientele. The image a broker presents starts from the moment a client lays eyes on their logo. Their opinion of that broker can be formed in that split second and can be further impacted by how that branding translates across the broker’s entire operation.

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Four Trends Affecting Commercial Real Estate in 2017

The U.S. CRE market landscape in 2017 is characterized by continued strong fundamentals, increased investor flows and high transaction volume. As for the economic landscape, the U.S. continues to grow moderately and add jobs. The U.S. employment gains continue to be... read more

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