Canadian Loan Broker Training

Our Canadian loan broker training program is specially designed for the Canadian financial market.  We incorporate best practices from the already well established loan broker industry in the United States, and combine them with training on the unique regulations, funding requirements, and documentation requirements in Canada.  This training also provides students with direct access to our large network of Canadian funders, all of whom are all well established within in the Canadian market and offer comprehensive financing solutions for students’ clients.

Training sessions will be held in the beautiful seaport city of Vancouver, British Columbia. The program is taught by our Canadian team of trainers who are, as always, brokers first.


The Institute’s training was created from years of field testing.  The comprehensive program covers the most effective, proven tactics for quickly growing a brokerage.


Our team creates an entire brand customized just for you. Our complete branding package allows you and your business to put your best foot forward.


Fully automated marketing to attract clients to your brokerage, with experts working behind the scenes blogging, sending emails & posting to social media.


Our mentors give you personal, one-on-one coaching through the growing pains of your brokerage. They’re always available to chat or answer any questions.

Full Toolbox

Our toolbox makes sure you have all of the tools you need to rapidly grow your brokerage, including business forms, legal agreements, marketing pieces, and more.

Comprehensive Approach

From training, to ongoing coaching, to branding, to your CRM, to daily marketing, each and every component flows together into one comprehensive system.

Our Canadian Loan Brokers & Trainers

Our training is spearheaded by experienced and knowledgeable loan brokers who know the Canadian finance market inside and out. They are able to combine the more established U.S.financing system, which is focused on big business, with the nuances of the Canadian market to provide you with the best of both worlds. Did we mention that this training program is completely unique to Canada? Well it is! We are the only company in the industry doing this.

Glen McDannold

Glen has 30+ years of Corporate Financial Solutions experience, including extensive top-level sales performance with IBM Canada, VP, Sales for a leading Western Canada Factoring firm and most recently as Managing Principal at High Tide Brokerage where he successfully delivers working capital solutions to SMB’s and raising Venture Capital in the Nuclear Medicine and Oil & Gas space.

Our comprehensive program has all the tools you need to succeed.


Training + Ongoing Coaching + Branding + Marketing + Broker Toolbox


Get the complete program for only $14,500


Or attend the training only for $10,500

Canada Loan Broker Training

There are many different pieces to being a successful Canadian loan broker. You need a great marketing strategy to entice clients, a strong lender network to finance them, agreements to ensure you get paid, a powerful CRM to make sure you’re organized and the knowledge to make it all work. Our comprehensive Canadian loan broker training includes this and much more making it easy to become the go-to in Canadian commercial financing.

Our trainers are successful Canadian brokers who will provide you with complete in-person training on how to launch and develop your business. We do all of your branding and marketing to make sure your business is known as an industry expert and attracts clients who want to work with you. We also provide you with a complete toolbox with every tool you need to operate your business smoothly and successfully. Finally we give you your own personal coach who will visit you in your local market to help get your business launched.

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Training Agenda & Approach

Our training approach is simple and pragmatic. We’ve built our agenda on years of experience and boiled them down to a step-by-step program that’s proven to attract clients and close deals. We believe in a strong foundation of knowledge, understanding and terminology that you need to communicate effectively in the industry. We then move on to the finer details of different financing vehicles, the correct way to market your business and entice clients, how to negotiate rates, how to work with lenders, package loans and close deals. We also host meet and greets with our large network of Canadian lenders who will be able offer financing for all of your clients’ needs.

Closing deals requires more than luck.


You need the right skills, tools, and system -


and this is exactly what our training program provides.

Canadian Loan Broker Branding

Your website, branding, and other marketing materials are an extension of your business. They needs to stand out and look great if you want to be able to compete in the market and attract clients. Luckily, we’re here to do all of the heavy lifting. Our complete marketing package is 100% customized for what Canadian brokerages need most. We offer our package to those who need to start from the ground-up to those who simply need help updating their current brand. We work closely with you to design custom logos, business cards, social media pages and website making sure you look like a rock start to all of your clients.

Commercial Loan Broker Branding
Commercial loan broker marketing

Commercial Broker Marketing 

It’s easy to put marketing efforts to the side when you’re busy closing deals. Thankfully, our institute offers you a spectrum of Canadian loan broker marketing tools whether you can’t seem to find enough hours in the day, or you simply don’t know where to start. Our highly trained team of marketing specialists works closely with you to make your brokerage look amazing by sending out targeted marketing emails, making regular posts on your social media accounts, and publishing relevant and high quality blog articles to your website. Our marketing services even include your own Canadian commercial loan broker CRM to make sure none of your clients gets left behind.

Looking for only a training program?


If you want JUST TRAINING (not branding, marketing, coaching & tools)

then the stand alone training program may be the perfect fit.

Commercial loan broker coaching

Canada Loan Broker Coaching

If you ask the most successful business owners what contributed to their success, they will say they’ve had the honor of working under an established business veteran to guide them to the top. The Commercial Loan Broker Institute will provide you with a personal coach who will work with you one-on-one to grow your business. Our Canada coaching program provides you with everything you need, from the launch of your brokerage, to growing your referral network, to closing deals for success and much more. Your personal coach will keep the lines of communication open so you can email, call, or video chat if you have any questions. In addition, your coach will visit you in your city to further help you in your business endeavors and provide sound business advice.

Canadian Loan Broker Toolbox

Our complete proprietary Canadian loan broker toolbox contains every tool you’ll need to grow and run your business. Most loan brokers are on their own when developing these tools. They’re honed through years of trial and error. Our toolbox saves you all the work and all the time you could be using to close deals to offer you the most comprehensive, tried and tested system. Without Canadian loan broker toolbox you’ll be able to close more deals, improve your marketing efforts, and avoid costly mistakes.

Loan broker toolbox

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Additional Custom Trainings

Our team can also create a custom training for your brokerage.  This can be tailored to your timeline and the specific skills that you want your team to acquire.  To discuss your unique needs, call us at 303 – 718 – 1759.

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