Commercial Loan Broker Training Program


The Institute’s training was created from years of field testing.  The comprehensive program covers the most effective, proven tactics for quickly growing a brokerage.


Our team creates an entire brand customized just for you. Our complete branding package allows you and your business to put your best foot forward.


Fully automated marketing to attract clients to your brokerage, with experts working behind the scenes blogging, sending emails & posting to social media.


Our mentors give you personal, one-on-one coaching through the growing pains of your brokerage. They’re always available to chat or answer any questions.

Full Toolbox

Our toolbox makes sure you have all of the tools you need to rapidly grow your brokerage, including business forms, legal agreements, marketing pieces, and more.

Comprehensive Approach

From training, to ongoing coaching, to branding, to your CRM, to daily marketing, each and every component flows together into one comprehensive system.

Our comprehensive program has all the tools you need to succeed.


Training + Ongoing Coaching + Branding + Marketing + Broker Toolbox


Get the complete program for only $18,500

Loan Broker Training Overview

Being successful requires more than just having a large lender network. You need the marketing to attract clients, the lender network to finance them, the agreements to make sure you get paid, the CRM to keep track of everything, and the knowledge to make it all work.  Our comprehensive commercial loan broker training includes all of this, and more.

Our trainers are top notch, successful brokers who will provide you with full in-person training on how to launch and develop your business. We handle all of the branding to make sure you look like an industry expert, and all of the marketing to get your business noticed and to make sure that you stay top of mind with clients. Our complete toolbox has every tool you need to run your brokerage smoothly, and your personal coach even visits your in your local market to get your business launched.

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Training Agenda & Approach

Our agenda takes years of field experience and distills them down into a step by step program for attracting clients and closing deals. Our training approach is pragmatic.  It starts with the foundation of knowledge, understanding, and terminology that you will need in order to be able to be communicate effectively in the industry. We then cover the intricacies of the financing options available for your clients, as well as how to market your brokerage and attract clients, how to negotiate rates, work with lenders, package loans and close deals.  You also meet in person a large network of lenders who can finance all of your clients’ needs.

Looking for only a training program?


If you want JUST TRAINING (not branding, marketing, coaching & tools)

then the stand alone training program may be the perfect fit.

Loan Broker Branding

All companies are judged by their website, branding, and marketing materials. To increase clientele, your company’s branding and marketing strategy need to be unique and executed flawlessly. And that’s where we can help. Our complete branding package is customized for what brokerages most commonly need, whether you are just starting out or doing a face-lift on an already established business. By working closely with you, we design custom logos, business cards, social media pages, and website, ensuring your brokerage puts its best foot forward with every client.

Commercial Loan Broker Branding
Commercial loan broker marketing

Commercial Broker Marketing 

Running a commercial loan brokerage is a full-time job. You’re so busy keeping up with clients, closing deals, and working with your lending network that marketing is often neglected. Or maybe you just don’t have the knowledge to even know where to begin. Luckily the Commercial Loan Broker Institute offers a wide variety of options for commercial loan broker marketing. Our team of marketing specialists works to make your brokerage look like a rock star by sending out targeted marketing emails, posting regularly on your social media accounts, and publishing high quality articles directly on your website. Our marketing services even include your own commercial loan broker CRM to make sure you are staying on top of (and in front of) every contact you have.

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Commercial loan broker coaching

Commercial Loan Broker Coaching

The most successful business owners have had the privilege of a seasoned mentor to help guide them on their way to the top. At the Commercial Loan Broker Institute, we provide you with a coach who will work with you one-on-one to grow your brokerage. Our coaching program gives you with the tools you need to succeed at every step of the way from the launch of your brokerage, to getting referrals and growing your referral network, to closing deals, and much more. Your personal mentor will always be available thru email, phone call, or video chat to answer any and all of your questions. In addition, your mentor will be able to coach you face-to-face during your training to better troubleshoot and offer tried and tested business advice.

Loan Broker Toolbox

Our complete loan broker toolbox is packed with every tool you need to effectively grow and run your brokerage. Most commercial loan brokers have to develop these tools through lots of trial and error, taking up precious time they could be using to close deals. Our team has done all the trial and error for you to develop the most comprehensive, tried and tested system. With our proprietary toolbox you can close more deals, see a boost in marketing, and avoid costly mistakes.

Loan broker toolbox

Closing deals requires more than luck.


You need the right skills, tools, and system -


and this is exactly what our training program provides.

Training Dates for 2018

Jan 8th - 12th


Feb 19th - 23rd


March 26th - 30th

April 16th - 20th


May 14th - 18th

June 18th - 22nd

July 16th - 20th


August 20th - 24th

September 17th - 21st

October 22nd - 26th

November 26th - 30th

Additional Custom Trainings

Our team can also create a custom training for your brokerage.  This can be tailored to your timeline and the specific skills that you want your team to acquire.  To discuss your unique needs, call us at 303 – 718 – 1759.

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