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Our team has over 30 years of combined experience working as brokers and lenders. Through the years we’ve seen it all – the mistakes, the pitfalls, and the short-comings all loan brokers will make – because we’ve made them too. But making those mistakes has made us wiser. We know exactly what you need to find success, what obstacles lie ahead and how you can avoid them.

This free 30 minute, fast-paced loan broker training webinar is your first step to starting your online broker training. The webinar gives you a full overview of what’s included in our training program, a quick summary of our curriculum, and gives you time for questions and answers.

Webinar with online training for new and existing loan brokers

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What opportunities are in your local market?

Learn about the opportunities that are available in your city. Learn how to take advantage of those opportunities and lay the foundation for your success.

What are the big risks? & how to avoid them

We know from experience that there will be bumps in the road to starting your brokerage, but we give you the tools and knowledge to smooth over those bumps and avoid them altogether.

Want to learn more about our program?

We provide a full overview of what is included in the program, investment levels, and options so you can decide if our training program is the right fit for you.


Questions & Answers with our CEO

We’re sure you’ll have lot of questions. We take the time to listen and thoroughly answer all of them. Save yourself countless headaches by building on the most effective, proven strategies.

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This fast paced, 30 minute webinar is being offered as a resource to the broker community. Register today and receive our Loan Brokerage Launch Checklist for free.

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