New England Funding

This loan brokerage located in the Boston metropolitan area was seeking a look and feel related to the US history of the region – colors drawn from the flag and fonts that feel classic. The serif font used in the logo recalls news fonts and the sans serif in the body has equally open letters while providing a more modern feel.

The founder is a serial entrepreneur having founded and run multiple businesses in the Boston area. Based on the team’s experience building networks and serving a broad clientele, they are building success for others by supporting businesses in their efforts to source the right funds to build profitable endeavors

Logo Design

Custom logo created for your unique corporate identity.


Business cards designed, printed, and shipped to your doorstep.

Social Media

Daily posting on multiple social media platforms.

EMail Marketing

Email blasts sent to your prospects twice every month.


Fully custom website design and development.


An inner page highlighting a specific loan product.

About Us PAGE

An inner page highlighting our team’s skills and mission.

Nexus Commercial Finance

A ‘nexus’ is a hub where connections occur and links are made. In the case of Nexus Finance, business owners are connected with lenders that can understand and fund complex business plans. The design of the Nexus assets, centered around an X with an open circle in the middle, represents this space where opportunities emerge.

Bennett Capital Advisors

Bennet Capital is all about building trust and facilitating the best terms for their clientele. With a focus on business owners throughout the North East, the design uses crisp lines and a forthright approach with a touch of sophistication. For the logo we used a navy blue plus a silver metallic gradient to provide the sheen. Clean sections and sharp photography represent the immediacy, transparency and integrity of the brand.

Heart of Texas Financial Solutions

This brand was developed by a long-time US Department of Defense consultant with the goal to help small and medium sized businesses compete for government contracts. Part of that is through better financing, allowing the “little guy” to carry the weight to perform to government expectations. The brand focuses on credibility and traditionalism in order to earn trust in the intersection of business and government markets.

A competitive edge for Heart of Texas is their experience and willingness to work on SBA backed loans. Like all government contracts, these loans come with an added burden of proof: demonstrate revenue, evidence the need for funding and show why SBA funds fill the gap. This level of documentation can pay off with rates that can beat the best banks and credit union offers. Their materials are designed to exude credibility, focus and care for their customers.

Soundview Lending Group

Soundview’s clientele are in the small and medium sized business space with an emphasis on serving women and minority owned businesses. The firms focuses on transparency and clarity, thus their well-stated mission, vision and values right on the home page. The brand’s colors, gold and blue have a royal feel, but with images from main street to the boardroom, visitors experience the diversity of businesses and clientele served by the Soundview Lending Group.

Chandelle Advisors

The founders wanted to draw from their love of flight in their business name, logo and design. A chandelle is a full power move that a pilot makes to climb and change direction at the same time, creating a beautiful arc in the sky, for those watching from the ground. Isn’t that what businesses do as well when they execute a pivot? You can’t go only half way. It’s got to be at full power, and it needs to get you to the next level in your operations. This simple aviation concept became the heart of this unique financial brand.

Chicago Shores Financial

The CSF imagery, website and colors are true to Chicago. A yellow gold represents energy, wealth, and the brass buttons on a door man’s coat. This is balanced with black to ground the brand with a practical business approach and focus on profitability. Chicago business is a diverse community, and images throughout the loan broker’s website represent that diversity.

1st Choice Funding

Started in the heart of the Midwest farming belt, 1st Choice Funding is the go-to broker for small business, distributors, farm equipment, commercial and agricultural land in the region. The goal with branding was to create a clean, conservative look that represents the authenticity and precision of 1st Choice Funding. 

Pine River Capital

This brand is solidly rooted in main street and Chamber of Commerce businesses. With a down home feel, Pine River provides support to local developers, business owners and startups that may not otherwise fit the credit box required by banks and credit unions. The wood block print logo and revitalized main street photography tell a story about local character that leads to a thriving economy.

Clean fonts and crisp spacing balance the down home feel with an entrepreneurial, forward leaning element. This isn’t yesterday’s lender – it’s the loan brokerage built to support tomorrow’s visionary leaders who build from their communities to the world at large.

Jbartolo Capital

With a background in high end banking and black and white photography, J Bartolo Capital Advisers brings together two elements in a unique look and feel in their materials. Their slogan, “Our focus is always on you” brings the two together to demonstrate the emphasis the team puts on facilitating high value deals such as hospitals, renovations, hotels and more. We drew from the founder’s practice of street photography and black and white imaging to generate a unique, high-end yet engaged-in-city-life feel for the brand.


Funding, Government Services, Business Services, Money and Consulting make up the categories of the FGBMC brand.  Organized into these five categories, the content on the website focuses on the needs of business owners, from education in the process of loan applications, government contracts and business planning to actionable steps to launch a business, close a loan or submit a proposal based on an RFP from a government agency.

Credit Square

Credit Square comes out of a background in credit repair. Many business owners first begin to work on their credit when they are faced with the disappointment of denial after denial for business financing.  So the company expanded into the lending industry to assist founders full cycle as they seek financing.  The design of the brand is built around crisp, clear lines, and the bold orange and black add to the clarity and energy.

Revenue Park

Revenue Park came to CLBI as an existing brokerage, but with a limited set of tools, technologies and design to back up their practice. By upgrading design, adding a CRM, and allowing applicants to submit their information directly to the CRM, Revenue Park upgraded their capacity to serve their clients. We maintained key aspects of their initial brand, while giving their logo, business cards, and website a significant upgrade.

Revital Capital

Revital Capital is focused on revitalizing businesses through sourcing the right funding at the right time. The green of the logo and the sprouted leaves represent the concept of a fresh start. The crispness of their design and friendly sans-serif font represent both clear delineation and welcome.  Photography showcases the professionals, skilled teams and diverse workforces that the firm serves.

Biz Jet Funding

Founded by a Navy Veteran, Biz Jet Funding builds on the excitement, energy and precision of flight experts. With decades in supply chain management, Biz Jet brings just-in-time processes to business financing. The logo recalls the excitement of the Blue Angels, while the content keeps your feet on the ground.

American Legacy

American Legacy Funding helps SMBs shift from making a living to building a legacy. Their team sources funds to allow businesses with a strong foundation to grow without giving up equity, resulting in wealth for generations to come. The lion designed for the logo represents strength and leadership, and the red, white and blue colors are similar to those used in the American Flag, as well as international banks such as Bank of America and Citi.

FES Lending

A core goal of FES Lending is to help minority and women-owned business. But what does community development look like when it is rooted in sound business practices? Non-profit brands are often too dreamy to appeal to practical, numbers focused business owners. FES Lending balanced these elements by seeking friendly and welcoming colors and imagery while remaining crisp and clean in each design element.

MBrac Capital

The brokerage founder requested a logo that would use his agency’s name – MBRAC Capital – in a way that visually referenced the word “embrace”. The fonts are clean, and the imagery is represents city life and professionalism. The colors gold and green represent wealth, growth and evolution. Driven, diverse, focused – these are terms that define MBRAC Capital.

Premier Business Finance

What is your greatest financial challenge as a business, and how can you get in the right lane to source the funds with the terms that you need in order to move ahead? It is this process that Premier Business Finance is poised to facilitate. Blood red and a rich blue represent the pulse and action as well as the calm of the brand.

Whitmire Financial

With a background in real estate and equipment sales, the founders of Whitmire Financial know that in asset intensive industries it is the property, buildings, equipment and technologies that allow businesses to serve clients and generate revenue.  As part of this, the design of Whitmire Financial’s website, brochures and collateral is focused on expediting the path to funding, making the process as straightforward as possible.

Pineal Financial Group

Sometimes, when you need financing you need it fast. Pineal Financial Group focuses on hard money, asset based and non-loan financing types, including factoring and working capital, to help businesses act at the speed of the market.  The black and red colors reflect this energetic focus, and the logo represents the growth curve any business owner seeks on their financial graph. 

Anchor Business Funding

Anchor Business Funding is your anchor in the storm. With backgrounds in loan and financial audits, Anchor knows what to look for in a well-established and actionable business plan, the kind that a lender will be eager to fund. Anchor’s founders live on the water and love sailing. The anchor, the blue of the ocean, and the precise way the firm presents themselves are all redolent of their brand.

1 Stop Commercial Funding

1 Stop Financial Services is a full service accounting, finance, credit repair and funding business. The founders chose blue and orange as colors to use on their website. Blue, a soothing color, represents water and orange, a warm, positive and energetic color, invites visitors to action.

With a background in readying startups for launch and preparing small and medium sized businesses for growth, 1 Stop recognized early on that financial sourcing is a pain point for businesses of all sizes. By solving the problem, and presenting it in an open, welcoming way, 1 Stop Commercial Funding contributes to the local, regional and national economy.

Heowe Commercial Capital

Many realtors in the commercial real estate (CRE) space are assisting clients in financing their investment and owner operated buildings. Heowe Capital was founded by such a realtor – on the go, and ready to get work done, all while maintaining her fitness and zen. The logo represents a body in balance, while the imagery and copy exude the energy and focus of the organizations founder.

Fairway 21 Financial Group

New York real estate is a hard game. To win, you need a great team Fairway 21 is that team. Their colors, blue and green are the colors of a business suit and money. Their fonts are crisp and legible, and the company’s voice is direct and forthright. Everything about the company’s design and materials expresses the essence of what the brand is about: quality, focus and the tenacity to get the job done with the right financing for your business.

Sovereign Financial

The crown on the Danish Kroner is the inspiration behind the three crowns represented in the firm’s logo. The brand didn’t want to represent an old world concept, so the clean lines of a modern crown became representative of the brand.  The website uses a series of border lines to lead the visitor through the content, drawing the connection between business needs and expectations and resolution provided through the right financing options.