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We Are Brokers First, Trainers Second.

Our Systems Are Practical, Tested & Proven.

Our training program is based on years of experience and field testing.  We know our systems work because we personally use them every day to close deals in our own brokerage.

Our primary employment is NOT TRAINING YOU.  Our day job is running our own brokerage, serving our own clients, and closing our own deals.  Every day that they aren’t training, your instructors are out in the field generating leads and working on loans.

We employ our own brokers, business development officers, and loan analysts. Day in and day out, we live, breathe, and ACTUALLY DO exactly what we train our students to do. This means that our systems are being continuously tested, tweaked, and tested again in the real world.

Intensive Training

The Institute’s training is born from years of field testing.  The comprehensive program covers the most effective, proven tactics for quickly growing a brokerage.

Ongoing Mentorship

Expert implementation takes more than education. Our seasoned brokers work with you daily to ensure you’re taking the right steps, at the right time, in the right way.

Full Toolbox

Our toolbox makes sure you have all of the tools you need to rapidly grow your business, including forms, legal agreements, marketing pieces, and software.

Marketing Engine

Our marketing experts builds your brand for you.  From web design to social media to email marketing, they attract new customers while you close open deals.

Our mission is simple.


We’re here to help you close more deals.

The Institute’s History

As a Senior Vice President at Wells Fargo, Darrick Brown saw a disturbing trend.  The vast majority of business customers applying for credit were being turned down.  They were then left to secure the much needed financing on their own, but they had no idea where to start.

Seeing the need for a conduit between traditional lenders, declined customers, and alternative sources for financing, Darrick decided to leave his job of 27 years and the staff of over 300 employees that he managed.  He ventured out on his own to serve this niche.  Since then he has closed more than $500MM in deals for 250+ clients ranging from start-ups, to Fortune 1000 and Government entities.

Throughout his career, Darrick has regularly provided one on one and group training to new and seasoned loan brokers. As more and more requests for training started pouring in, the Commercial Loan Broker Institute was born. Now, Darrick dedicates his time, expertise and winning approach to helping business loan brokers throughout the country become more successful and close more deals through his proven Training + Mentoring = Money system.

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Meet Our Founders

Darrick Brown

CEO & Trainer

Darrick is a former Senior Vice President at Wells Fargo Banks. Managing a staff of over 300, he was seeing 80% of commercial loan applicants being turned down for credit. This experience inspired Darrick to open his own brokerage. His firm has now provided more than $500MM in closed deals for clients ranging from start-ups, to Fortune 1000 and Government entities.

DARRICK BROWN - loan broker Trainer

Shane Robert Walton


Shane is one of the industries leading masterminds of broker and business success. He is well-known for his innovative strategies and proven systems that have created lucrative brokerages around the world. He has served as a Fulbright Scholar for the US State Department, founded multiple successful companies including Alternative Funding Partners and Green Vine Marketing, and lectures around the world, including universities in North America, Europe, and Asia.

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