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Running a successful broker business is no simple task. When marketing campaigns, data analysis, meetings, client care, and more all happen simultaneously you need a powerful solution to bring all these functions together in one place. One missed follow up, phone call, event, or piece of underwriting documentation can cost you thousands of dollars. But with so much going on, how can you ensure nothing will ever fall to the wayside?

The Commercial Loan Broker Institute offers a customer relationship management (CRM) solution built exclusively for loan brokerages to keep your business organized so you have more time to spend on closing deals.

Our CRM is designed for the unique needs of a business loan broker where everything crucial to developing, improving, and retaining your client relationships is stored. With an integrated CRM system, you can ensure that you won’t lose out on opportunities to grow your business or suffer loss of revenue because you’re not maximizing your client relationships.

Commercial Loan Broker CRM

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Online web based loan broker CRM


Automated Emails

Getting into contact with all prospects and clients, not to mention your centers of influence, takes a lot of time you could be spending on closing deals. Thankfully, all of the most common emails sent to prospects, clients, lenders, and referral partners are professionally written for you. The only thing you have to do is click send!



Integrated Calendar, Tasks, & Call Logs

We built our system to gather every little detail from upcoming tasks, to your calendar, to logging phone calls.  More importantly, each item is tied back into your contact database, automating the process of tracking conversations and keeping you up to date on every person in your network, no matter how many financing deals you are working on.

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A CRM is just one component of smart marketing.


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Contact & Deal Tracking Management Tool

Contact & Deal Tracking

Imagine misplacing client contact information, only to learn that your delay pushed your client into the arms of a competitor. Or, picture your top two brokers pursuing the same prospect, resulting in an annoyed potential client. Without a centralized program where you and your people can log and track customer interactions, your business falls behind schedule and out of touch.

Our CRM has all your business data stored and accessed from a single location which gives you a 360-degree view of all customer information, deals, and knowledge of what customers and the general market want. Our system provides tools for your commercial loan business to stay on top of your most important customer relationships by increasing collaboration, tracking interactions and managing productivity.

Pipeline Analytics

The tracking system in the Commercial Loan Broker CRM allows you to gain a quick overview of your entire pipeline, as well as carefully monitoring the progress of individual deals throughout each stage of the financing process. Over time business decisions can be polished based on feedback from earlier data collection and analysis. This information can also be used to see where and with whom your time can be better spent, which then helps you to attract and retain prospects, clients, lenders, and referral partners.

Commercial Loan Broker CRM

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