Frequently Asked Questions
answers for commercial loan brokers
This is a very serious and important decision that you are making. Besides being an obvious investment of your money; your training, your connections, and your marketing will be the foundation of your business. If you don’t get the right tools, you will have a much more challenging road in front of you in the coming years.

There’s one CRITICAL QUESTION that needs answering: Which program is the best fit for me? We know that going over the details of each commercial loan broker training course can be time consuming which is why our comparison tool streamlines the process for you. Using our FAQ tool enables you to get a clear understanding of the differences between programs, and to confidently make the decision about which launch program is the best fit for you.

So to ensure you make the best decision and get the most value for your time and investment, be sure to ask these questions to all of the training program providers that you are considering:

Training Curriculum

Where is the training held? How long is the training?
These are the basic details to start the conversation, warm everyone up for the interview, and helps you to orient yourself.  DOWNLOAD FULL FAQ TOOL >>>>
First ask for a high level overview of the training agenda and daily modules. Then follow up with questions on each individual training segment.
This continues the interview warm up, and lets you see what they feel are the most important parts of their training program.  DOWNLOAD FULL FAQ TOOL >>>>
What training is provided in financial literacy, such as reading clients’ financial statements and corporate tax returns?
Financial statements and tax returns are the leading forms of documentation in commercial lending. If you can’t read them fluently you won’t be able to truly understand your client’s situation, identify the best financial vehicles, and communicate to lenders the information they need.  DOWNLOAD FULL FAQ TOOL >>>>
What training is provided in marketing, networking, and lead generation?
Marketing isn’t all that it takes to run a successful loan brokerage, but it is essential. You will need marketing techniques that are effective AND that match your personality and what you enjoy doing. This means that it is critical to take the time to understand the marketing strategies you will be learning and make sure they are the right fit for you.  DOWNLOAD FULL FAQ TOOL >>>>
What training is provided in how to assess a client and select the right financing vehicle for their unique needs?
You need to be able to quickly assess a prospective client. You first need to know who is worth your time and who isn’t. Then you need to be able to quickly match each client up with the right type of financing – and the right lender – for their unique needs. So it is essential that your training cover these skills in detail.  DOWNLOAD FULL FAQ TOOL >>>>
What training is provided in packaging loans and working with lenders?
The lenders serving your clients and their underwriters will have strict requirements on what types of deals they will approve and the documentation they require. Your launch program needs to prepare you for working in the industry, earning lenders’ trust, and packaging your clients’ loans so they will get approved.  DOWNLOAD FULL FAQ TOOL >>>>
What training is provided in negotiating, objection handling and closing deals?
These skills have a direct impact on your earnings. If you are trained in the common objections you will face, how to most easily and smoothly overcome them, and how to keep a deal on track for closing, you will have a strong advantage over your competition.  DOWNLOAD FULL FAQ TOOL >>>>




What training is provided in creating a proven and tested business plan for your brokerage?
Without a solid plan and clear road map, it is very hard to achieve your goals. The best training programs provide you with extensive support in developing your business plan, including setting reasonable annual and quarterly goals, developing monthly milestones and metrics, and planning your weekly and daily actions.  DOWNLOAD FULL FAQ TOOL >>>>
Free Online Webinar

Loan Broker Industry Orientation

What is the OPPORTUNITY for a broker in your local market?
What are the BIG RISKS? And how do you AVOID them?
Is all training conducted with in person trainers and speakers? Or are some remote?
Some people learn equally well via web or remote training as they do through in person trainings. If this is you, then you can save a lot of money by getting a web only training program. However, if you choose to invest your money in an in person training program because you learn best face to face, you will want to make sure that for your investment all of the trainings will actually be conducted in person.  DOWNLOAD FULL FAQ TOOL >>>>


How many direct lenders will you meet in person? Are any of the lenders presenting remotely?
A strong lender network is vital for a successful broker. It ensures that you can provide financing for a wide variety of clients through a variety of financing vehicles. Meeting lenders in person is the fastest way to build the strong relationships that can support your brokerage for years to come.  DOWNLOAD FULL FAQ TOOL >>>>
Are hotel & food provided? For how many days?
Travel costs can add up quickly. Be sure to ask about what additional costs you will be responsible for, such as hotel, food, and drinks during the training.  DOWNLOAD FULL FAQ TOOL >>>>
What is the entire cost for the program?
With any training program, you are making an investment in or your brokerage. It is smart business to know how big that investment will be.  DOWNLOAD FULL FAQ TOOL >>>>
What payment options are offered?
Your training should be as easy on your wallet as possible. Payment plans help with this by allowing you to pay for your training with the money that you make from your new brokerage. With any payment plans, be sure to ask about the terms, interest rates, and other details.  DOWNLOAD FULL FAQ TOOL >>>>
What is the refund policy?
Despite the best planning, unexpected events can still occur. You should understand all of your back up options just in case.  DOWNLOAD FULL FAQ TOOL >>>>
How much additional does it cost to bring your business partner to the training?
Whether it is your business partner or your first employee, equipping your team with top end training lays a strong foundation for your brokerage’s growth. Knowing how much of an investment is required for this will help you to start your firm on the right foot.  DOWNLOAD FULL FAQ TOOL >>>>
Is the marketing group in house, or do they outsource your marketing to a 3rd party?
You want to make sure that your branding, your training, your marketing, all of your systems (such as a CRM), and your ongoing mentoring all meld together seamlessly. When the marketing is done in house, this is much more likely to be the case.  DOWNLOAD FULL FAQ TOOL >>>>
How does the branding of the training company look? Do they come across as a modern & professional firm, or as a dated infomercial?
The training company will do their very best work on their own brand and website. If they come across as modern, it is likely the website and brand they build for your brokerage will look professional, too. If they look dated and more like an infomercial, it is likely that is the type of branding they will provide to you.  DOWNLOAD FULL FAQ TOOL >>>>
Is custom logo design included? How many initial design concepts are provided for your logo? How many revisions?
The term custom design can have a huge variety of meanings. Because of this, you will need to ask detailed questions if you want to get a clear understanding of exactly what type of service you will receive. Asking about how the design process works step by step, how many initial different designs they will create for you, and how many design revisions they will complete helps you to get a deep understanding of what services you are purchasing. Asking for examples of past clients to back all of this up helps to turn your discussion of the process into something concrete for you to grasp onto.  DOWNLOAD FULL FAQ TOOL >>>>
Is custom business card design provided? How many initial design concepts are provided for your business card? How many revisions?
See above – the same logic applies here.  DOWNLOAD FULL FAQ TOOL >>>>




Is custom website design provided? How many initial design concepts are provided for your website? How many revisions?
See above – the same logic applies here.  DOWNLOAD FULL FAQ TOOL >>>>
How does the website design process work, in detail? Do designers start in Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator? Or do they customize an already existing / prebuilt website template?
There are more variations of how website design is delivered than other graphic design services, so more questions are required to get an accurate understanding of the service. If they start in a graphics program (such as Photoshop or Illustrator) and then custom code the website to mirror the look of your approved design, then the sky really is the limit. Your site design can look however you want it to look, allowing you to develop a truly unique brand. If, on the other hand, the “custom design” is simply making tweaks to an already existing or pre-built website template, then you are much more restricted in what can be done. This approach requires much less work for the designer, and can easily accommodate minor changes such as background colors, pictures used on the pages, font types, and your logo. But this approach typically means that full customization is not permitted, such as adding in whole new sections, significantly changing the pre-built layout, and so on. As you are making a big financial investment to develop a brand and a website, it is important to get a detailed understanding of exactly what service you are purchasing.  DOWNLOAD FULL FAQ TOOL >>>>
Ask to see three examples of past clients. Be sure to get both their initial design concepts AND the sequential rounds of revision. Rate them based on creativity and professionalism.
Seeing the quality of work done for past clients often gives you the best feeling for the difference between services. When collecting examples, be sure to ask for both the final websites AND the design process that created the final product. By looking at the initial designs and the rounds of design revision, you will be able to see how creative the designers actually are and how accommodating they are in the revision process. It is ONLY by getting a thorough overview of the entire process that you can see the nature and quality of the service you are purchasing.  DOWNLOAD FULL FAQ TOOL >>>>
Are customized pitch decks & PowerPoint presentations included?
A great presentation will help you to secure referrals, convert prospects to clients, and close deals. Whether you are presenting to a large group or just using your iPad when meeting at a coffee shop, you want to make sure that every time you pitch you come across as an industry leader. Clean, professional PowerPoints that are branded for your company are essential tools you will use on a daily basis and that have a direct impact on your income.  DOWNLOAD FULL FAQ TOOL >>>>
How many social media profiles are created for your company? On what social media networks?
Social media is a powerful tool for easily and efficiently maintaining top of mind awareness with your entire network of contacts. To accomplish this, you want to make sure that your brand comes across consistently and professionally in every facet of your online identity. Be sure to get a strong understanding of what social media profiles will be built for you, what level of graphic design will be included, and on what social networks.  DOWNLOAD FULL FAQ TOOL >>>>
Are your website domain, hosting, and email service included?
Domain name registration and website hosting are the nuts and bolts monthly services needed to keep your website online and available 24/7. Email service is equally important, allowing you to communicate with a branded email that matches your website domain. Are these services all included, or will they entail additional fees?  DOWNLOAD FULL FAQ TOOL >>>>
Is a blogging service included? How many articles are published on your site each month?
To generate referrals and convert prospects into clients as quickly and easily as possible, you need to be seen as a leader in your industry. A key part of this process is earning trust by demonstrating your knowledge. Your blog can accomplish this with articles on industry news, financing vehicles, and business tips. If you are purchasing this as a service, rather than writing articles yourself, you will need to know how many blog articles you are receiving for your investment.  DOWNLOAD FULL FAQ TOOL >>>>
How long are the blogging articles? What are the topics? Ask for samples.
Since they are being published on your website, the quality of your blog articles will directly reflect upon the quality of your company and your perceived knowledge and expertise as a loan broker. Consequently, you need to have a good understanding of exactly what sort of content is published in your name.  DOWNLOAD FULL FAQ TOOL >>>>
Is email marketing included? How many emails are sent on your behalf each month?
One of the largest challenges facing a loan broker is maintaining top of mind awareness within their network of contacts.  Email marketing is a key piece in this puzzle, making sure you are contacting and connecting with your network, ideally multiple times each month.  DOWNLOAD FULL FAQ TOOL >>>>
Do the emails contain your logo, your brand colors, calls to action, & links back to your site?
Your email marketing needs to put your best foot forward. It needs to match the look and feel of your website and business cards, as well as prompting readers to take action. The best emails always drive readers back to your website and social media, prompting more interaction and deeper engagement. DOWNLOAD FULL FAQ TOOL >>>>
Is social media marketing included? How many profiles are managed? Can you select the social media networks of your choice?
Social media is one of the primary tools used to connect in today’s marketplace. It is no longer a nicety; it is now a necessity for any industry leading company. Consequently, you need to develop a good understanding of exactly where your company will be active on social media. DOWNLOAD FULL FAQ TOOL >>>>
How many posts are made to your profiles monthly? What sort of content is posted? Ask to see examples.
Not all social media marketing campaigns are made equal! These social media campaigns will be the public face of your company, so in addition to the frequency of posts, look at the type of content and make sure it is something you will be proud of.  DOWNLOAD FULL FAQ TOOL >>>>
Is a CRM included? What features does it have? You will be using this daily, so ask for a demo.
A Customer Relationship Management system will become your one tool to track all of your contacts and each of your deals, to get a clear overview of your entire pipeline, to capture all of your tasks and events, and much more. It can be your best friend or worst enemy, so be sure to explore it in detail to make sure it is both comprehensive and user friendly.  DOWNLOAD FULL FAQ TOOL >>>>
For how long are these marketing services going to be provided to your company?
If you are purchasing an ongoing marketing service, it is important to understand what is included in that service how long it wil be provided for.  DOWNLOAD FULL FAQ TOOL >>>>
If you want to continue the marketing services afterwards, how much is it monthly?
To run your new brokerage well, you need to understand all of your options. If you want to continue to use the training program’s marketing services indefinitely, how much will it cost on a monthly basis.  DOWNLOAD FULL FAQ TOOL >>>>
What happens if you don’t want to purchase marketing services? Can you choose to forego them? How does that impact your price?
If you already have an established brand, or if you prefer to use a different marketing firm, you should have the right to do so. And if you aren’t using the marketing services from the training company, you shouldn’t need to pay for them. Make sure that foregoing these services gives you a significant discount.  DOWNLOAD FULL FAQ TOOL >>>>

Mentoring & Coaching

What personal experience will my coach & mentor have in owning his or her own brokerage?
You want to make sure that the person coaching your business has a wealth of experience running a business exactly like yours. You will grow most quickly when your coach combines books smarts with the street smarts that come from real life experience out in the field.  DOWNLOAD FULL FAQ TOOL >>>>
Does my coach work with me to create a business plan? Does it have both the annual goals and day by day action plan?
To be effective in achieving your goals, you need to have a clear, well thought out plan. The best coaches focus on both the big picture vision and the day-to-day tasks that will make your vision a reality.  They then use your plan as an anchor, keeping your growth on track for the course you charted.  DOWNLOAD FULL FAQ TOOL >>>>
How often do I meet with my coach & mentor? What is the structure and format of those meetings?
To be effective, a good coaching program requires regular contact.  It also needs to include accountability, rapid feedback on your performance, and the opportunity to troubleshoot new obstacles as soon as they arise.  Be sure to get a good understanding of exactly how the process will flow to make sure that it matches with your personality and how you work best.  DOWNLOAD FULL FAQ TOOL >>>>
What is the availability of my coach & mentor outside of our regular meetings?
New questions and new problems don’t work around your schedule! You need a program that is flexible enough to support you with the real life challenges you will face in growing your brokerage.  DOWNLOAD FULL FAQ TOOL >>>>
Is support provided 7 days a week, or just Monday through Friday, 9am – 5pm?
As noted above, flexibility in a coaching and mentoring program is essential if it is to provide you with a practical solution for growing your business.  DOWNLOAD FULL FAQ TOOL >>>>
Will my coach & mentor visit my local market?
A local visit to help launch your brokerage enables you to get your business up and running as quickly as possible. Phone and email support is wonderful, but it is hard to replace the power of face-to-face interaction in a mentoring relationship.  DOWNLOAD FULL FAQ TOOL >>>>
During their visit to my local market, will my coach & mentor join me for meetings to provide real world, practical feedback and skills development? Will my coach & mentor also lead some of our meetings to model best practices?
The most effective coaching isn’t confined to a conference room. Ideally, your mentor should be able to model skills for you in real life scenarios, join you for critical meetings, and provide you with practical and immediate feedback on your performance.  This types of interaction allows you to improve your game in minutes, not years.  DOWNLOAD FULL FAQ TOOL >>>>