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 Comprehensive curriculum

We have designed the Virtual Academy curriculum to cover all the knowledge you will need for growing your brokerage.  From how to position yourself in the marketplace, to how to work with clients and lenders to maximize your revenue on every deal, to tips on growth, hiring, and expansion, you will be able to access the knowledge you need, on demand exactly when you need it.

Real World Insights & Advice

The instructors in our commercial loan broker training program have 30+ years of experience in commercial lending, banking, and growing and running brokerages.  From their time in the trenches working directly with clients and growing commercial loan firms, they have learned what works and what doesn’t.  They have now taken this real world experience and distilled it into the most practical, results-focused training program on the market today.

Financials & Taxes

You can’t be a top performer in this industry without understanding commercial finance.  To know where a company is at, what type of financing will be the best fit, and what they can qualify for, you need to be able to read their financial statements and tax returns. Our program starts with an intense commercial finance training module to make sure you have the strong foundation you will need.


Every industry has its own terminology, and the commercial capital industry is no exception.  To work with clients and lenders, you need to be able to quickly calculate the debt service coverage, the loan to value ratio, and many other ratios for each deal.  Our in depth commercial capital training module (and associated cheat sheets) make sure you have all of the tools, ratios, and terminology you need to come across as an industry expert.

loan types & Financing options

In order to run a commercial brokerage, you need a deep understanding of the huge variety of financing vehicles that are available for your clients.  We take you on a deep dive into traditional real estate, lines of credit, factoring, hard money, equipment loans and leasing, SBA loans, and a variety of other financing options.  By the end of this module you will understand how each vehicle works, its unique pros and cons, when it is the best solution for a client, and why it would be a horrible fit for a client (even though they would qualify).


The heart of serving clients is being able to match each business with the RIGHT financing for its unique needs, goals, and current situation.  Our commercial loan broker training program gives you the scripts, tools, and knowledge that you need to quickly gain a deep understanding of your client’s financial situation and trajectory.  Our loan brokers teach you the tricks they have developed from years in the field for sniffing out who you should work with and who you should refer elsewhere, how to easily get the right information, and how to put all the puzzle pieces together to get an accurate assessment of the right financing and lender for each client.


The success of your commercial finance brokerage depends on a steady stream of quality prospects and leads.  Our marketing module covers the most efficient strategies for generating these leads, from messaging to networking to online marketing.  This series of modules covers the scripts and tools that we use to market brokerages every day, cutting edge tactics for growing your network online through LinkedIn (and Facebook), and the step by step strategies to build a magnetic online presence in today’s marketplace.

COI's & Building Your Network

Centers of Influence (COIs) are the individuals in your market who are perfectly positioned to send you referrals in the course of their daily business activities. They form the foundation of a successful broker’s personal network. And when you combine the right network with the right offer, revenue flows. 

This training module covers the key strategies for identifying your most important local COIs, opening the door for initial conversations, and then building each relationship month by month.  We break it down into the step by step process for securing meetings, how to present yourself and your firm, and what follow up actions will make or break the relationship.

Branding Your Firm

Your background, your offerings and approach, and the niche clientele that your firm serves are all unique.  How do you turn these into a compelling story that makes prospects want to learn more?  How do you position yourself to stand out and attract leads in a busy marketplace?

The broker branding module does a deep dive into the key components of a brand, how to identify your core story and unique selling propositions, and how to effortlessly position your brokerage as an industry leader.

Working with Clients

Closing deals is half science and half art. The road to success can require overcoming objections from both the client and the lender.  You get paid for being able to resolve these issues and making sure that everyone signs to execute a win-win deal.  We share the tools and scripts for closing deals quickly and consistently by avoiding objections before they occur, and overcoming them when they do.  You then role play numerous scenarios to become comfortable handling objections smoothly.  Our brokers help you throughout the practice, polishing your responses to make certain you are comfortable in each and every situation.


How you package a deal can mean the difference between your client being approved or declined.  Our packaging and placement module covers the best ways to summarize and present your client’s financial situation when working with lenders.  Our experienced brokers cover all the documentation you will need for each type of deal, how to select the right lenders for each client, and how to overcome obstacles in underwriting.  With scripts, checklists, spreadsheets, and placement packages, you will walk away with the proven tools we use every day to get clients placed and approved.

Working with Lenders

Once you get your loan package into a lender’s hands, the work isn’t done.  The most successful brokers carry each deal the whole way across the finish line by helping their lender to see the value in the opportunity, get all of questions adequately addressed.  Our instructors guide you on how to communicate with lenders, streamline the process, expedite financing, and ultimately ensure that when the client is funded you are rapidly paid.

CLOSING & referrals

Closing deals is half science and half art. The road to success can require overcoming objections from both the client and the lender.  You get paid for being able to resolve these issues and making sure that everyone signs to execute a win-win deal.  We share the tools and scripts for closing deals quickly and consistently by avoiding objections before they occur, and overcoming them when they do.

Rapid growth also requires that you turn each success into a stepping stone to reach the next deal.  Our trainers share how to plant the referral seed in a client’s mind from the first conversation, continuously water it, and ultimately turn each closed deal into a minimum of three new financing opportunities.

Staffing & Business Growth

If you are just launching your brokerage, managing a team of BDO’s and analysts may be a distant thought.  But we have seen how rapidly a commercial financing firm can grow when the fundamentals are diligently implemented right from day one.  So we make sure that — whenever the time is right for your next hire — you have the tools and knowledge in place for onboarding, training, and management.  This course module cover how to legally limit your firm’s liability as you expand, how to balance team growth with your cash flow, and how to most efficiently manage a growing staff in this business model.


Each business owner and each brokerage needs their own unique plan for launch. Whether you are jumping all in on day one, or you are working part time as you transition from your full time job, you need a plan that will take you step by step from where you are to where you want to go.  During the training you will work one on one with an experienced commercial loan broker to identify your “Big Why” and then create the 5 year, 1 year, and monthly plans that will get you there.  For your 90 Day Jump Start you will create an activity plan for each day, ensuring that when you land back in your home city you will know exactly what to do and when to do it in order to build your brokerage as quickly as possible.


It can be a lot to digest all at once.  Overload is real, and it kills your ability to learn.  We get it.  That’s why, with the Virtual Academy, you do it at your speed.

Early bird or night owl?  Binge Netflix style or learn in the evenings while keeping your day job?  You decide.  Pause and take notes.  Or get another cup of coffee. You’re in charge. Learn at your pace, on your schedule, wherever you are. And if you ever need a refresher, it is always there for you.

Looking for a more robust launch?

Our Virtual Academy is a solid foundation when launching your own brokerage, however CLBI offers many more resources to solidify your success.


Our team of specialists work behind the scenes marketing your brokerage across many channels, freeing you up to focus on running your business and closing more deals.

Commercial Lender Toolbox

We will give you full access to our commercial lender toolbox.  This includes all of the documents you need in order to run your commercial lending business.


The Skills Boot Camp is a different approach to learning. We give you the critical tools and scripts for success, and then you practice these skills with drill after drill. 

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