Corporate Identity

We believe every brokerage has its own unique story.
Our job is to help you tell it (and to look great while doing it.)

Chandelle Advisors

The founders wanted to draw from their love of flight in their business name, logo and design. A chandelle is a full power move that a pilot makes to climb and change direction at the same time, creating a beautiful arc in the sky, for those watching from the ground. Isn’t that what businesses do as well when they execute a pivot? You can’t go only half way. It’s got to be at full power, and it needs to get you to the next level in your operations. This simple aviation concept became the heart of this unique financial brand.

Bennett Capital Advisors

Bennet Capital is all about building trust and facilitating the best terms for their clientele. With a focus on business owners throughout the North East, the design uses crisp lines and a forthright approach with a touch of sophistication. For the logo we used a navy blue plus a silver metallic gradient to provide the sheen. Clean sections and sharp photography represent the immediacy, transparency and integrity of the brand.

Fairway 21 Financial Group

New York real estate is a hard game. To win, you need a great team Fairway 21 is that team.  Their colors, blue and green are the colors of a business suit and money. Their fonts are crisp and legible, and the company’s voice is direct and forthright. Everything about the company’s design and materials expresses the essence of what the brand is about: quality, focus and the tenacity to get the job done with the right financing for your business.

Nexus Commercial Funding

A ‘nexus’ is a hub where connections occur and links are made. In the case of Nexus Finance, business owners are connected with lenders that can understand and fund complex business plans.  Coming out of the banking industry, Nexus is uniquely positioned to serve high end clientele who might otherwise be turned down for a loan through a traditional bank. The design of the Nexus assets, centered around an X with an open circle in the middle, represents this space where opportunities emerge.

Credit Square

Credit Square comes out of a background in credit repair. Many business owners first begin to work on their credit when they are faced with the disappointment of denial after denial for business financing.  So the company expanded into the lending industry to assist founders full cycle as they seek financing.  The design of the brand is built around crisp, clear lines, and the bold orange and black add to the clarity and energy.

Revenue Park

Revenue Park came to CLBI as an existing brokerage, but with a limited set of tools, technologies and design to back up their practice. By upgrading design, adding a CRM, and allowing applicants to submit their information directly to the CRM, Revenue Park upgraded their capacity to serve their clients.  We maintained key aspects of their initial brand, while giving their logo, business cards, and website a significant upgrade.

Anchor Business Funding

Anchor Business Funding is your anchor in the storm.  Founded by experienced financial auditors, Anchor knows what to look for in a well-established and actionable business plan, the kind that a lender will be eager to fund.  Anchor’s founders also live on the water and love boating. The anchor, the blue of the open ocean, and the precise way the firm presents themselves are all redolent of their brand.

J Bartolo Capital Advisers

With a background in high end banking and black and white photography, J Bartolo Capital Advisers brings together two elements in a unique look and feel in their materials. Their slogan, “Our focus is always on you” brings the two together to demonstrate the emphasis the team puts on facilitating high value deals such as hospitals, renovations, hotels and more. We drew from the founder’s practice of street photography and black and white imaging to generate a unique, high-end yet engaged-in-city-life feel for the brand.

Premier Business Finance

What is your greatest financial challenge as a business, and how can you get in the right lane to source the funds with the terms that you need in order to move ahead? It is this process that Premier Business Finance is poised to facilitate.  Blood red and a rich blue represent the pulse and action as well as the calm of the brand.