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Commercial Loan Broker Toolbox

The power of the right tools.

Every brokerage has the tools that they rely on to run their
business smoothly. These systems allow you to boost the impact of your
marketing, avoid costly mistakes, and ultimately close more deals.

For most commercial loan brokers, these tools were developed through trial and error, more trials, and a whole lot of polishing and perfecting.  It’s a long and slow process to get everything right. But we believe there is a better approach. That is why we created the Commercial Loan Broker Toolbox.

Complete brokerage toolbox.

Our complete brokerage toolbox includes all the essential tools that we personally use to run and grow our own brokerages.  With over 30 years of experience in the commercial lending divisions of multi-national banks, as well as running our own brokerages, our management team and instructors have used and tested every system out there.  We’ve kept the best tools for ourselves and polished them again and again. Now, all of these real world tested tools are bundled up into one package: The Commercial Loan Brokerage Toolbox (SM).

Comprehensive loan broker toolbox

Agreements, Brochures, Pitch Decks, Scripts, Assessment tools, Calculators, Cheat Sheets


The Commercial Loan Broker Toolbox (SM) includes all the agreements that you will need to run your brokerage.  It has multiple versions of capital sourcing agreements you can use with clients to limit your liability and ensure that you get paid.  It has employment agreements for you to use in growing your team, non-disclosure agreements for giving your clients the protection they desire, referral agreements for working with brokers and referral partners, and much more.

Brochures & Info Sheets

While your goal is always a one on one conversation with clients, referrals, and partners, there are times when you need to send out a digital company overview to secure a meeting.  You need this to say the right things to inspire trust, to be targeted to the recipient’s interests, to be short enough that they will actually read it.  The Commercial Loan Broker Toolbox (SM) includes a variety of unique brochures and info sheets, each written specifically for prospects, clients, bankers, realtors, lenders, and other referral partners.

Pitch Decks

An image is worth a thousand words, and the quality of your visual presentation to prospects and referral partners can earn (or destroy) their trust. Our pitch decks and PowerPoints make sure that you come across as an industry leader in every presentation you make. Whether you are pitching a banker, CPA, or realtor for referrals, or pitching a prospective client, our tailored presentations make sure you are hitting all of the right points AND looking great while you do it.


What you say and how you say it can mean the difference between a closed deal and a dead deal.  Our scripts make sure the right thing is said every time.  Whether it is a cold call with a potential referral partner, an initial pitch meeting, your monthly follow up, or an assessment meeting with a new prospective client, the tested scripts are all ready for you to use.

Need some MARKETING JUICE in your toolbox?

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Assessment Tools

Collecting all of the documentation and paperwork to satisfy a detail oriented underwriter can be a challenging task.  But the assessment tools in the Commercial Loan Broker Toolbox (SM) can save you enormous amounts of time.  The initial client surveys allow you to collect your most critical data up front.  Once you have a clear understanding of their situation and the best funding solution, it is then just one click to send the client a thorough checklist of all the documentation needed, whether they are getting an equipment loan, factoring A/R, purchasing real estate, or getting any other type of financing.

Analysis Calculators

When you send a deal to a lender with a DSCR and LTV that matches their lending profile, approvals are easy to come by. But crunching the numbers on deal after deal can be time consuming. Our spreadsheets and calculators save you time, ensure accuracy, and allow you to send out polished deal summaries that generate interest (and approvals) from lenders.

Free Online Webinar

Loan Broker Industry Orientation

What is the opportunity for a broker in your local market? What are the big risks? And how do you avoid them?

Planning Tools

Without a focused vision and a clear plan, it can be very hard to grow your brokerage, much less even have a productive day.  Our planning tools walk you through the process of gaining clarity on where your business is going and how you’ll get there.  From your “BIG WHY” to your annual goals, down to quarter, month, week, and day, our planning system keeps you focused on the metrics and actions that will keep you closing deals and making money.

Cheat Sheets

With so much complexity in our industry, it can be easy to forget some uncommon terminology, or the nuances of what will disqualify a client for a SBA loan.  Our cheat sheets collect this information for you all in one easy reference guide.  Whether you are looking for a high level comparison of which financing vehicle will be the best fit for a specific client, or the purpose of a particular form a lender is requesting, the Commercial Loan Broker Toolbox (SM) has you covered.