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Those starting in the industry may not know what to look for in a comprehensive  business loan broker program. There are several important factors that separate high-quality broker training programs from ones that may teach you important information, but will ultimately fail to prepare you for the practicalities of launching and running your own business. The following are the features to look for when choosing a business loan broker program.

Finding a Flexible Loan Broker Program

Flexibility in a teaching environment is about making a match to your learning style so that you can incorporate and retain as much knowledge as possible from the program. There are a few ways that a business loan broker program can provide you with this flexibility.

Scheduling conflicts can arise with many business loan broker programs, especially if you are currently working in another field, or are working as a loan broker, but are seeking more information to expand your existing commercial loan broker business. Programs that can offer you a wide range of times for each session will allow you to work around your schedule. Additionally, having the ability to cancel a session without having to pay an extra fee is also great for people who may become busy at a moment’s notice.

Learning from an instructor who is willing to change teaching methods to adapt to your learning speed is also incredibly important. It can become difficult to absorb knowledge if your instructor throws material at you at a pace that you cannot keep up with or that causes you to feel overwhelmed. An instructor who teaches at too slow of a pace can cause you to become bored with the program since you could be getting the work done with your own learning style at a faster pace. It is much easier to retain the information in the program if the pace of instruction matches the rate at which you learn.

Some programs now balance the rate of learning by combining self-paced online modules with in-class workshop and practice of the necessary skills you need in order to succeed. Only a few also follow up with one-on-one coaching as you navigate your first deals. Look for a program that helps you establish your footing by assisting you to finalize your first business deals.

Another factor in terms of flexibility to take into consideration is the location of the institute and how convenient the commute is. If classes or training is weekly over a period of time, a local program will make the commute less stressful and increase student success rates. One down side to this is whether the training program, such as finance classes at a local community college, have the experience and still to prepare you to launch quickly into your career. Many local programs have textbook rather than real-world experience.

High quality programs include intensive training options, such as one week or a combination of online plus an intensive weekend bootcamp to help you gain knowledge and practice negotiation on both the client and lender sides. If you find high quality business loan broker training programs, but live far away from them, ask about intensive or online training options. If they don’t have alternate learning models, consider enrolling in a virtual academy. Taking the necessary classes online is one of the best ways to easily access materials from the program without having to leave your home.

If a loan broker training program can offer you the ability to create your own schedule and adaptable teaching methods all from the comfort of your home, there is a lower chance that you will run into flexibility issues.

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Comprehensive Loan Broker Program Training

You can gain a significant amount of knowledge about being a commercial loan broker. So, it is crucial that the training program that you choose offers a comprehensive course that covers all of the essential aspects of being a commercial loan broker. If a program is lacking in terms of the variety of content about the commercial loan industry, you will not be equipped with all of the knowledge and skills you will need. The following are some of the topics to look for in a business loan broker program:

Financials and taxes

It will be difficult for you to perform well in the industry if you are not knowledgeable about commercial finance. Understanding financial statements and tax returns is mandatory for evaluating the financial health of your company.


Every industry has specific terminology that may be difficult to understand for people that do not work in the industry. There are several ratios that you will need to know well such as debt service coverage and the loan to value ratio, to properly work with clients and lenders.

Assessing Deals

Each business that you work with will have their own goals and needs, and you will need to match them with the correct financing. A solid program will provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to effectively assess each deal.

Types of loans and options for financing

You will need an extensive understanding of each type of loan and finance options in order to run a successful brokerage. Each one will have its own positives and negatives and different qualifications for being the best fit for a client.

Working with Clients

You may often run into issues with clients who can make it difficult to close a deal. Knowing how to overcome these challenges and provide a deal that is beneficial for all parties involved is important for serving clients well.

Working with Lenders

It is important to be involved in the entire process, even once it reaches the lenders. This will help lenders see every opportunity in the deal and you can quickly address any of the lingering questions or concerns that they may have.

Packaging and Placement

The way you package a deal can make or break your clients’ loan approval. You will need to provide a comprehensive summary of the financial situation for each client. This means that you will have to be knowledgeable about all of the documentation that is involved in packaging a deal.


Each success that you find in your work should lead to another one through referrals. Incorporate this process into your conversations with clients to encourage them to recommend your services to their family, friends and peers.

Staffing and the growth of your business

You will need a plan for training, onboarding and managing all of the people that you decide to hire. As your business expands, you will need to balance the growth of your team with your income, effectively manage each employee, and legally limit the liability of your firm.

Just knowing the basics of the commercial loan broker industry will not be sufficient enough to properly execute deals and expand your firm. The more comprehensive the training program is, the more equipped you will be in your day-to-day work, as well as when challenges arise.

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Immediate Application of Loan Broker Program Materials

The immediate application of the knowledge and tools you acquire from a business loan broker program is important, especially for people who are currently running a firm. The information you learn should provide direct results for your ability to work within the industry in several ways.

You should be knowledgeable about is how to effectively brand your firm and design a website. An effective use of proven marketing techniques can significantly expand your client base. There are ways you can shape the identity of your brand through the use of social media, the personality of the brand, what your brand values and the design of your website. It is important to pay close attention to the reputation of your brand through social media posts and feedback from clients. Learning from mistakes and improving upon your weaknesses becomes much easier when you are aware of what they are.

A high-quality business loan broker program will provide you with the support you will need to start your marketing campaign. You will need to know about the best times of the day to post content on social media or your website to drive traffic. There are also keywords and headlines that you can use on your website in order to show up more frequently in search engines. Consistent newsletters and blogs are great for connecting with consumers and developing the identity of your brand. The ways to do this properly within the business loan broker industry are essential to include in a curriculum.

Another important value of a quality business loan broker program is the toolbox that they provide you with to use throughout your career. Many programs will offer package deals that include everything you will need to be successful including, cheat sheets, scripts, calculators, agreements and much more. At minimum, you should identify and develop your own assets during your program for immediate use in your business. Having access to proven tools that will make it simpler to operate your firm will prevent you from having to go through the trial-and-error process of finding the right tools. The program will also instruct you on how to effectively use each tool in many of the situations you will run into in your everyday business operations.

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