Jump Squad

Intensive coaching, support, and accountability program. Weekly planning & coaching sessions throughout the launch of your brokerage.


Starting a new company can be a lonely endeavor. Everything depends on you. From business planning, to marketing, to troubleshooting issues, it is all on your shoulders. We saw this burden taking a toll on too many brokers, and realized it didn’t need to be this way. So we launched broker Jump Squads, an intensive support program for brokers entering the marketplace.


People that want to start working out almost always look for an accountability partner or group to help them stay on track, so why shouldn’t you? Without the pressure and encouragement of others most people lose the motivation to continuously put in the effort it takes to change their lifestyle or start a new habit.
Think about starting at the gym. If you are fully dedicated to success, you won’t just walk around haphazardly picking up weights. Instead, you will start with a clear workout plan.

And when your plan calls for an exercise you don’t know how to do, you won’t just take a guess and risk hurting yourself. Instead, you’ll have a trainer show you proper form to minimize risk and maximize results.

You won’t leave coming to the gym up to your willpower alone. Instead, you will enlist an accountability partner, whether a workout buddy or a coach, who is depending on you to show up (and will call you out if you don’t).

These same three key components – planning, coaching, and accountability – accelerate success in any field. This is equally true in commercial finance, and we build our Jump Squads around them.

In your Squad you will develop a clear, battle ready plan for launching your brokerage. You will meet weekly with your coach and a small group of loan brokers. Throughout the first three months of your business launch, you will develop close relationships with brokers. Each week you’ll report on your progress, be held accountable for success, update your business plan, and receive regular coaching.

Battle Ready Plan

Step by step process for creating a clear and concise, action focused plan. Get it reviewed and approved by an experienced broker and industry coach.

Constant Coaching

Unrelenting support and training. We build into your calendar the repetitive, ongoing coaching and feedback that is critical for rapidly achieving success.

Maximum Responsibility

Your peers are expecting you to take big action. We find that weekly accountability doubles the chance that you will hit your activity targets and goals.

Bulletproof Confidence

A supportive team environment, regular coaching, and no option except for success. Together, these inspire bulletproof confidence and massive action.

Accelerate Your Success

Predictable success comes from the combination of a strong plan, ongoing support, and accountability for performing at your best. Jump Squads combine all of these elements to accelerate your results.

Jump Squads help you validate your ideas and plans through small group discussion and feedback from other industry pros. They position you to analyze and respond to both obstacles and opportunities faster than you could on your own. Weekly meetings focus you on measuring your progress and constantly planning next steps. Together, the sum result is improving your performance, accelerating your results, and launching your brokerage more smoothly and rapidly than you could without such intensive support.

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