Social media usage as a corporate entity is different than its usage as a private citizen. While it may seem like an easy solution for marketing a new or existing brokerage, it is important to understand what voice the brokerage will take, and what its social content output will look like.

Focus on what makes a great social media account and how to achieve it.

A great social media account will draw in viewers. Just like any other form of media there has to be a draw for followers to want to receive updates from an account. That means it doesn’t just regurgitate memes or funny jokes, but it will provide a unique voice while using the material around it. In the modern world everyone, including many corporate entities, has a social media account. It is essential for a broker to stand out.

Because of the nature of the industry a broker’s social media presence should focus on showing their expertise, experience, and success to the world. The easiest way is to avoid reposting generic content. It may seem easier to simply post generic news, memes, or online content, but it appears robotic, and can hurt a brokerages appeal to an audience. It is essential that they find a voice that is concrete and direct, while still presenting their unique personality. Share posts of recent deals or blog links. These demonstrate expertise a broker, and provide a unique set of content that individualizes a broker when compared to their online compatriots. If sharing news that doesn’t directly connect to the brokerage make sure to include insights, or queries. Give the audience a reason to not only follow the brokerage, but also to interact with it.

This means finding out how to present to an audience. Just because others make jokes or are sarcastic doesn’t mean it’s a good fit for a broker. A broker needs to be professional. Social media will be many clients first sense of how a broker will work with their account and needs. If they are discouraged by what they see it can lead to a loss of opportunities.

why having a unique voice is essential to broker?

Every brand or company needs to be unique. It’s a big online world, and having a voice that gets lost in the crowd can mean that a broker looks unprepared or intimidated. This is why understanding how a broker will speak not only to their clients, but to their digital audience. A unique voice gives followers a reason to stay. If a broker is providing helpful tips or witty commentary it can make generic content seem more exciting, or it can make them seem even knowledgeable in the field. Remember one of the key aspects of social media is to present expertise in your field. This means not only showing an understanding of the industry, but success with deals and clients. Sharing major deal closings or significant moments from the clients is essential in presenting that voice.

what it can do for their business.

Clients are more inclined to trust companies who don’t appear to be only interested in their money. This is doubly true for a loan broker, who is helping clients with the difficult subject of loans. A unique voice can make a brokerage stand out, and makes them feel more human.

It’s important to understand that while not all follows will lead to business or new clients having a strong social media presence can ensure that a company is better suited to close potential deals.

Having a strong audience is also appealing to loan sources as well. They show that broker has a strong potential clientele base, and they may also be encouraged to see the broker working in multiple platforms to bring in potential customers.
It also helps them to build a network of connections in areas essential to loan brokerage, like lenders, lawyers, or CPAs. These networks are essential to building a successful brokerage, and ensuring that the broker has a steady stream of deals and contacts.

 A social media voice is more than just funny jokes or well sourced articles. It is how the brokerage presents itself to the world. In an increasing digital world having a unique voice sets a broker apart, and ensures that they have a presence in a digital world.