A LinkedIn profile is a must-have in any broker’s repertoire of social media platforms. LinkedIn is the largest professional social network that has over 200 million members. Unlike Facebook, which is generally considered the best social network for business-to-consumer companies; business-to-business companies like the loan broker industry should absolutely create a LinkedIn Company Page. Not to mention that LinkedIn has the most educated and affluent audience and user-base than any other social network.

We will discuss how to set up a LinkedIn profile and a LinkedIn Company Page that will help cement your brand, increase top of mind awareness, and help you grow your lending network.

Personal Branding: A Must Have for Your Loan Broker Profile

Besides the basic and obvious information that should be included in your profile – name, industry, company name, location, etc., the most important thing to include is a headline. Your headline is one of the few parts of your profile a LinkedIn user will see when they conduct a search on the LinkedIn user database and your profile is one of the search results.

A good headline is crucial because it tells a visitor to your page that could be a potential client or lender how to think about you. You should choose a LinkedIn headline that more or less captures what kind of commercial loan broker you are or how you want to be seen professionally by people in your industry who don’t know you.

Crafting a Company Page

Once you’ve created your personal LinkedIn profile, it’s time to move onto your Company Page. LinkedIn company profiles account for 64% of all visits from social media channels to corporate websites. That’s a whole lot of traffic you’ll be missing out on if you don’t craft your company profile correctly.

  1. You should be treating your LinkedIn page as a marketing vehicle for your brokerage. Many commercial loan businesses treat their LinkedIn profiles as an extension of the ‘about us’ sections on their website. If you think of it as a marketing and sales tool instead, you’ll be more successful in getting visitors to click through to your website. Speak to your target audience the same way you would in any of your marketing materials. Make sure your company’s value proposition is near the top. Your copy should excite potential clients, lenders, influential people in the loan industry, and other brokers who might be interested in working for you.
  2. Be thorough, and use all of the tools you have available to you. This means filling out all of the fields about your company, and including a banner image and logo. Your banner image should capture the attention of your visitors by being visually dynamic, while reflecting your business, while still maintaining a professional feel.
  3. Know when and what to post.
    • Post at the right time – Data shows that peak times for shares to LinkedIn and clicks on those links happen on Mondays between 2:00-4:00 p.m. EST. But it’s not just about timing, posting with regularity matters. Making your page inactive and not posting for a few days can cost you clients and business relationships.
    • Refine your content strategy to appeal to your audience – Buffer reports that 6 out of 10 LinkedIn users are interested in industry insights, the most demanded type of content among members. Second to industry insight, company news appeals to 53% of LinkedIn members. New products and services came in third. Post helpful tips, advice and resources related to the banking and loan broker industry. The key is to get your audience engaged.
    • Follow publishing best practices – Keep the conversation balanced between posts that promote your company and posts that provide general value for your audience.

Once your profile is complete, be sure to let everyone in your network know where they can find you. Including a link or call to action on your company website should be the first thing you do. Sending out an email to your list of clients, referrals, and lender networks is also a good idea. This will let you increase your number of followers with people who need your services and those in the industry.

There is a tremendous window of opportunity for loan brokers to significantly grow visibility and market share on LinkedIn because there is little competition. Many companies are not yet utilizing LinkedIn company pages to their full extent, and many more have not begun to consistently update their company page status. They key is to be sure you’re utilizing it to its maximum potential by treating your page like an extension of your marketing strategy, using all the tools available to you, and posting regularly.