Unhappiness in people’s current job positions is nothing new. Many people feel the lack of autonomy of the daily 9-5 grind of a corporate or office job to be unfulfilling. In the past, there were few alternatives to getting out from under management’s crushing thumb. But unbeknownst to some, the commercial loan broker business is booming and presents many opportunities for you to own your own business.

This loan broker business opportunity is attainable for anyone who is looking for a career change – whether that’s because you’re tired of the corporate ladder climbing, you want to be your own boss, or you want 100% of the profits earned – or if you’re just starting out in the professional world and you want to get a jump start in the finance market.

You may think the prestige and power of becoming a commercial loan broker requires hours and hours of expensive education, but in reality there are many cost and time effective options to gain certification to open your own loan broker business.

Commercial Loan Broker Training

The great thing about a loan business opportunity like this is it doesn’t require an expensive business or finance degree. However, that doesn’t mean that anyone can be a loan broker; it does require that you complete a commercial loan broker training program. These programs provide you with the fundamental knowledge you will need to perform your services effectively and efficiently as a broker.

Training will cover things like how to evaluate a client’s financial portfolio, the large array of financing vehicles available to clients, important terminology, and how to close loans among many other things. This education on how the finance market works will ensure that you’re able to provide the right solutions for your client’s finance problems and that you will lead a successful loan broker business.


After training is completed, the real work begins. You may think you’re ready to take this loan broker business opportunity and run with it, but you still need to complete a crucial set of steps. Marketing will be the most important factor of your business success. You may be the best loan broker in the industry, but if you’re not marketing yourself and your services, and doing it well, it won’t matter.

The goal with any marketing strategy is to stay at the top of mind with your target audience. You want to get your name and business out there, earn your clients’ trust to make them see you as an industry leader and the go-to person when they need business financing.

The first step anyone does before hiring the services of a business is look them up on the internet. That means it’s essential that you have a website for you loan broker business. Your website should look professional as well as be functional, informative and easily navigable.

It’s also important to have all the information a potential client, lender, or partner needs to get in contact with you, including your business phone number, email address and address.


Training and marketing isn’t just focused on your clients and how to help them; it will also focus on your lending network which is imperative for providing financing in the first place. Most programs will give you access to their hard-earned, well-established lender network, which gives you a nice head start when you venture out on your own.

However, you will still need to be proactive about making new connections with clients and lenders to increase your referrals. Referrals are the steady stream of new clients that will keep your businesses doors open and help you grow.

What the Institute Does for You

When you look at all the pieces that need to come together to take advantage of this loan broker business opportunity and launching your own business, it can be rather intimidating, especially if you don’t have previous experience in the lending industry. But that’s what we’re for. Not only does the Commercial Loan Broker Institute offer top of the line loan broker training, but also all of the other tools you need for success. Upon completion of your training you will receive a custom website, logo, lender network, and much more.

We have over 30 years of combined experience in the lending industry and we’ve seen it all. The mistakes we’ve made and what we’ve learned from those mistakes allows us to give all of our students hard-earned knowledge and proven skills and tools to make you a success.